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CEO Personal Assistant

Frédéric Lescure, CEO of SOCOMORE, has chosen to recruit a VTE ("Territorial Volunteer in a Company") to welcome, in his daily life, a trainee who wishes to become a future entrepreneur: a unique opportunity to share the daily life of a CEO.

After receiving many video applications, Frédéric Lescure chose Maxime MAICAS: the beginning of a rich experience for this 21 year old! Here are his video feedbacks a few months after starting this unique internship.

Logistics Production Manager

Arthur Monnier explains his role as Logistics Production Manager.

As part of an episode of the GIFAS series Les Visages de l'Aéro, Arthur talks about his job in the development, manufacturing and sale of chemical products for the aeronautical markets.
Find out about his day-to-day work, his work-linked training, his motivations, and the very essence of his job, from managing operational processes to shipping products to customers.


The Purchaser defines and implements the supply plan, ensures the purchase and delivery of raw materials and products and services required by internal customers, optimizing stocks and ensuring the quality of deadlines. In direct contact with suppliers, he/she participates in all negotiations involving the purchasing teams.

Thank you Marlène for this interesting testimony about your job!

Guillaume, 43 years old

🎓 Qualifications

Materials Science, Chemistry.

📝 What do you do at SOCOMORE?

Regional sales manager in Europe.

‍💼 How has your career progressed at SOCOMORE?

I joined the SOCOMORE Group in 2001 on the Clean3 project, and then spent 5 years at 7 d'Armor as Technical Director before moving to SOCOMORE.

I joined SOCOMORE in September 2007 to manage the start-up project in China. I travelled back and forth between Vannes and Shanghai for the first year, and then moved to Shanghai where I was in charge of setting up the subsidiary, business development and technical support. Working in a very different environment and being involved in the creation of a subsidiary were very rewarding experiences for me.

In September 2011, I changed continents and moved to Montreal following the acquisition of Magchem. I was in charge of operations at Magchem and sales for North America (Magchem in Canada & Dysol in the USA).

I have been back in France for the last 2 years and I am now the Southern European Sales then spent 5 years at 7 d'Armor Manager, which is a more mature region for SOCOMORE.

💙 What do you like about SOCOMORE ?

Working at Socomore is very rewarding. It is a very dynamic company, there is no lack of projects and everyone can get involved, make proposals and grow.

Above all, I love SOCOMORE's technical aspect, and the truly international and multicultural side of SOCOMORE which has rewarded me with enriching experiences.

guillaume témoignage métier socomore

Marion, 28 years old

🎓 Qualifications

Chemical engineering degree, specialising in materials, and a PHD in chemistry.

📝 What do you do at SOCOMORE?

I work in the R&D laboratory, developing new surface treatment products

‍💼 How has your career progressed at SOCOMORE?

I initially started at SOCOMORE as an engineer intern, working on corrosion inhibitors.

Then, I carried out a CIFRE thesis, with SOCOMORE and Chimie Paris, on trivalent chromium conversion layers before joining the R&D laboratory in Vannes on a full-time basis, working on projects directly related to my thesis work.

💙 What do you like about SOCOMORE?

How innovative the research projects I work on are.

marion témoignage métier socomore

Sébastien, 30 years old

🎓 Qualifications

I have a university degree, with a professional masters in Materials and Business and a Materials Masters Degree. I was initialy trained in the design and study of metal, glass, ceramics and polymers, or solid-state chemistry with an emphasis on material
resistance (mechanical and physical) to be more precise.

📝 What do you do at SOCOMORE?

I have a double hat today, but not for more than a few months I hope! I am doing a thesis at INPT (National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse), and I am also an R&D engineer in the laboratory, focused on Ine development of adhesives and sealants.

‍💼 How has your career progressed at SOCOMORE?

My career at SOCOMORE has been in three stages. I first started as a trainee on anticorrosive coatings. I discovered formulation chemistry, which I knew little about, and I was particulary attracted by both the profession and the company. Then, after a year as a design engineer, SOCOMORE offered me a position in the R&D laboratory. At the time, I was working on the development of adhesives, coatings (anti-corrosive and protective) and chemical machining masks. Two years ago, I started a thesis
focused on adhesives. At the same time, the laboratory was re-structured into four sections and I naturally inlegrated into the Adhesive and Mastics section.

💙 What do you like about SOCOMORE?

Values, people and innovative projects. Values and people because despite the company’s growth, it remains human-sized and collective, and management is always accessible. As far as innovative projects are concerned, this is one of SOCOMORE's great strengths from my point of view. The projects are very varied and technical innovation is at the heart of R&D. Unlike many places, SOCOMORE does not try to do more with less, it invests in R&D.

sébastien témoignage métier socomore

Lamia, 30 years old

🎓 Qualifications

Professional degree in industrial formulation. For the last two years I have been studying to become a Polymer Materials Engineer.

📝 What do you do at SOCOMORE?

I have worked as a surface treatment technician for the last three and a half years.

‍💼 How has your career progressed at SOCOMORE?

I started as a chemical technician in July 2014. I am currently training to become an engineer, which is being funded by Socomore.

💙 What do you like about SOCOMORE?

Socomore is a human-sized that is expanding. The R&D division is composed of several platforms with varied product ranges. The laboratory is well equipped: DSC, IR, traction, etc. equipment.

There is a good working atmosphere and a pleasant working environment!

Lamia témoignage métier socomore